Guppy Tank 2017

Guppy Tank

Guppy Tank App Challenge is a year-long competition for NYC public school students in grades 6-8 sponsored by PENCIL and CA Technologies. Like television’s Shark Tank, Guppy Tank finalists will present an original working app to be judged by a panel of experts—including Adam Elster, CA’s President of Global Field Operations—and compete for great prizes, such as Chromebooks and scholarships to STEM camps.


The 2017 Guppy Tank App Challenge is underway! 2017 participants are currently immersed in the world of STEM as they prepare for the competition. Aside from developing tech skills, participants gain valuable training in analytical thinking, making effective presentations, working as a team, and thinking on their feet.






  • From January 1 through mid-February, students will have the opportunity to receive guidance and mentoring via from CA Technology volunteers via video conference
  • Guppy Tank Demo Day takes place in late April. Teams will present working prototypes of their app for feedback from volunteer judges
  • Guppy Tank Final App Challenge Day takes place in the week of May 15-19



  • Programming Tutorials from Made With Code by Google for beginning and intermediate coders
  • Resources for Parents from MIT Media Lab’s Scratch Team software lets students create animations and stories with building blocks that mimic the structure of computer code
  • Tynker’s Hour of Code Free Activities Suite is a fun, intuitive suite of games that make it easy for kids to learn basic computational thinking and programming skills
  • Lessons and Tutorials from
  • Common Sense Media’s list of Best Apps and Websites for Learning Programming and Coding
  • Computing Lessons from Khan Academy


Guppy Tank’s 2016 winners hailed from P.S./I.S. 224.Their app, Dolphin, is an assistive communication program designed to aid non-verbal children with communication. By pushing a button and choosing a pre-programmed phrase transmitted through a mobile phone speaker, the user can efficiently communicate with others.

Kim Kelleher, publisher of WIRED, cast the tie-breaking vote and declared Dolphin’s creators the winners of Guppy Tank 2016. As Ms. Kelleher indicated, Dolphin has the potential to transform communication for special needs children across the world.