PENCIL believes that the business community has both a responsibility and a unique contribution to make to ensure that, regardless of background, all students reach their full potential.

PENCIL sharpens the impact of those seeking to support public education by:

About PENCIL 1-20-1In 2017 PENCIL worked with 1,224 business volunteers to directly serve 2,500 public school students across all five boroughs of New York.

Business leaders in PENCIL’s network can deepen their impact by engaging in our three core programs:

  1. PENCIL School Partnerships
  2. PENCIL Internship Program
  3. PENCIL Points of Engagement

To learn more about PENCIL’s Models of Engagement, please click here.

JOIN PENCIL’S NETWORK of education and business professionals working to improve student outcomes. Members of the PENCIL network have regular access to events, panels, and volunteer activities.

If you are an educator interested in getting involved please contact us.