Name: Sumara Ahmad
Age: 30
School: Hofstra University and Hunter College
Special Skills: Cooking, especially when not following a recipe

Sumara joined the team as a Program Internship Coordinator this year.

She is currently pursuing a degree in Psychology with a concentration in Human Rights. Prior to PENCIL, she worked in retail and customer service for over five years. She recently visited Iceland and is cultivating a bucket list of places to travel to. Spain and New Orleans are next. She also loves long walks through the aisles of IKEA and Target, hosting friends for dinner and movie marathons.

We also asked Sumara what drew her to PENCIL and she had this to say: “My first time working with high school students (as part of a college volunteer health and social issues group) and my own experience with internships sparked my interest in PENCIL. I appreciate that students can pursue internship experience at different stages of their academic career while also supporting themselves financially. I want to be part of the work that makes that possible.”

Thank you for sharing, Sumara! We are so happy to have you on the team!