PENCIL Partnership Resources for Schools

PENCIL provides innovative solutions to the challenges facing New York City public schools by creating collaborative opportunities for principals and business leaders. Our programs provides a flexible yet structured way for principals to bring members of the business community into their schools, in order to benefit from their unique expertise, skills, and resources.

If you are a school interested in getting involved in the PENCIL Partnership Program please contact Katje King, Senior Program Officer on our Programs Team.

School Investment

PENCIL Investment

School Partnerships Partner with a team of business volunteers to improve your school’s capacity to help students reach their goals. The Team: Principal and a strong school liaison who can manage the partnership planning and implementation and be in consistent communication with PENCIL staff members.

The Time: Minimum of 8-12 hours of programming per year.

Design and Implementation: PENCIL staff provides hands-on support to each business to create a partnership that meets their needs, has clearly established goals and expectations, and has a positive impact on students and schools. PENCIL’s toolkit of codified resources and curricula can be adapted based on the expertise of volunteers.

School Selection: PENCIL vets each business volunteer in our network and carefully matches them with schools to ensure that schools benefit from the business partnership.

Evaluation: PENCIL provides measurement tools to document and evaluate partnership activities and outcomes.