Intern Personals: Wendy Wang

Name: Wendy Wang
Age: 18
School: Boston University
Last Summer Internship: Artists In Residence Inc.

Thoughts on my experience:
Being a great leader starts with becoming an effective follower. One of my biggest pieces of advice for interns when they are stuck on an assignment is to ask questions if they are confused. To ask for guidance, interns should suggest possible ways to solve a problem, rather than saying they don’t know how to do the assignment.

Any skills you learned from this internship:
From my internship, I learned to better answer telephone calls from clients. At first, I was timid and answered the phone unprofessionally. However, my directors were always willing to give me advice and suggestions on how to improve, which created a great learning environment.

Favorite part of the internship:
My favorite part of my internship at A.I.R. Gallery is creating curators’ profile pages on A.I.R.’s website by using SquareSpace. I learned to use programs such as Squarespace, Robly, and Gramblr that I would have never touched otherwise. I never before considered doing something with media, but I realized that I have a passion for media and marketing. An internship is the best way to try something new and understand what you enjoy and don’t enjoy doing.

My thoughts on my future career:
I want to be able to incorporate my love for art with computers and business.

Advice for students thinking about applying for an internship:
Ladders for Leaders and PENCIL opened many doors and prepared me for the internship process. PENCIL gave helpful advice on resumes, cover letters, dress codes, and elevator pitches to help me present my best self to recruiters. However, landing an internship is all up to you. PENCIL made the application process much easier and gave me the courage to not let fear of rejection stop me from applying.


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