Intern Personals: Saliha Noor

Saliha Noor

Meet PENCIL’s summer interns! Over the next few weeks, we’re excited to introduce you to some great students from the PENCIL program who have joined us in our work this summer.

First up, we’ll have our new Communications team intern, Saliha, tell you a little bit about herself. Welcome, Saliha!

Name: Saliha Noor
Age: 20
School: John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Last Internship: Dr. Golda Johnson, MD clinic
Special Skills: Digital photography, drawing, writing, organizational skills, Urdu

What kind of opportunity are you seeking this summer?
The summer opportunity that I have this summer is with PENCIL in the communications department. This internship relates to my major, Forensic Psychology. But it specifically connects to my future goal of research in psychology as I go into graduate school of how I want to communicate with people regrading my studies, findings and conduct research through surveys and interviews.

What are your thoughts for a future career?
Some of the thoughts for my future are to graduate and get my bachelor degree but I also plan to go to graduate school and focus on research that relate to the topics of terrorism, minorities, and racism in the United States. I also plan to assist my professor next semester regarding his research.

Why are the Ladders For Leaders (L4L) and PENCIL programs important to you?
The reason L4L and PENCIL are very important programs because they provide numerous students like me with opportunities that relate to our career and academic goals. They motivate us to participate in internships, as well as helping us learn about we like and what we do not. In other words, helping us figure out what are our most significant skills, what are we most passionate about and what career goals we would like to pursue as we move on to graduate from school, getting jobs and studying further.

Any advice for students thinking about applying for the first time?
My number one advice is taking this opportunity that includes having a well-developed resume and knowing exactly where and why you want to work or intern there, as well as understanding what you can get out of it. As an intern this summer with PENCIL, I am glad I took this opportunity and applied.

Why is it so important to have local businesses host summer interns?
There are numerous NYC students that are in great need with multiple skills that want to work with these particular businesses because it provides them with an in-depth experience of what they are thinking of pursuing or are pursuing already. The students are hard workers and are looking for an opportunity in a very competitive time.

Thank you, Saliha! Stay tuned for our next blog post…