Intern Personals: NIKHIL KUMAR

Meet Nikhil Kumar! A Finance major, he is also skilled in data analysis, business strategy, and public speaking. Last summer, he was able to apply this knowledge toward an internship at Flanders Investment and Trade, made possible because he was a student in our PENCIL Internship Program as part of the Ladders for Leaders Program in partnership with the NYC Department of Youth & Community. Through this experience, Nikhil not only became more familiar with corporate culture, he also had the chance to improve his problem-solving abilities in a professional setting. Thank you for sharing, Nikhil!

Name: Nikhil Kumar
College Sophomore
Baruch College

What was your last summer internship?

My last summer internship was with Flanders Investment and Trade. I was connected to it through PENCIL and found it to be immensely helpful as my first experience in investments and entrepreneurship related business.

What was your most memorable moment from it?

My most memorable moment from my internship was getting the opportunity to know my team and partake in activities such as Belgian Food Week, where we welcomed entrepreneurs from all around Flanders, Belgium.

What are your thoughts for your future career?

I take significant interest in financial services and see myself in that industry in the future.

 Why are Ladders for Leaders and PENCIL programs important to you?

I believe that Ladders for Leaders and PENCIL are significantly important programs, for they provide students such as myself an opportunity to learn and grow as professionals through first-hand experience. It is rare that many students my age have the chance to partake in such activities.

What lessons from your internship are you carrying with you this fall?

I am carrying the discipline, presentation skills and analytical skills I have learned with me to all classes and future experiences. All of this was a product of my work with PENCIL and Flanders Investment and Trade.