Intern Personals: Nadia Ferguson

Nadia Ferguson

Name: Nadia Ferguson
Age: A day away from 18!
School: St. Mary’s Preparatory High School
Last Summer Internship: JobPose as Social Media Intern
Special Skills: Art – drawing, painting, design and strong organizational and leadership skills

What kind of opportunity are you seeking this summer?
Marketing or advertising.

What are your thoughts for a future career?
I am interested in a business degree with a focus on creative industries such as theater, fashion, or the arts. I am a very creative person and love to express myself that way, but also enjoy using my strong organizational and analytical skills.

Why are the L4L and PENCIL programs important to you?
L4L gave me work experience that helped me narrow down where I could see myself in a future career. I had the opportunity to work with architects, engineers and computer programmers, so it helped me to be ahead of my classmates in thinking about my major. The professional training and resume workshops also helped me be confident in my college interviews.

Any advice for students thinking about applying for the first time?
Put your best foot forward when you apply! Also, be patient with the process. PENCIL is actively working behind the scenes to help you find the best internship.

Any additional thoughts on your experience?
The internships have always been fun and educational. I’ve had great supervisors who always invited me back. Also, the process to apply was easier each year because the staff at PENCIL made me feel so comfortable. I was the youngest applicant in my group when I started, and the PENCIL team was very supportive. I always feel like Katje and her team are working just for me.

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