Intern Personals: Luis Casado

Age: 19
School: Medgar Evers College (CUNY)
Last Internship: Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications
Special Skills: C++, Python, AutoCAD, Native Spanish speaker


What kind of opportunity are you seeking this summer?
I’m looking for a computer science-related internship. It can be as a software engineer, software developer, app developer, or any other computer science-related position.

What are your thoughts for a future career?
My goal is to become a software engineer. I enjoy programming and creating code that adds value to people’s lives, and I think as a software engineer I will have the opportunity to do what I enjoy.

Why are the L4L and PENCIL programs important to you?
Both programs have provided me the opportunity to grow, network, and expand my professional skills. Through the various pieces of training provided by both programs, I have learned skills such as time management, organization, and financial planning.

Any advice for students thinking about applying for the first time?
Believe in themselves and don’t be afraid to ask questions. An internship is a great opportunity to learn and to discover what they are passionate about and what they will do later in their lives.

What about businesses thinking about hosting a summer intern?
Interns can bring new insights as well as the diversity of thought to any business. Both the L4L and PENCIL do a great job of preparing students with what they need to know in order to thrive in any professional environment.

Employers: Make sure you’re signed up to host an incredible intern, like Luis, this summer! More information for businesses and students is available here.