Intern Personals: Hammad Shahid

We Love hearing from our partners and wanted to share a success story from our friends at Audtra!

Name: Hammad Shahid
Age: 19
School: University of Maryland (Major: Computer Science)
Internship: Software Engineering Intern at Audtra; prev: ConEd (NYSE: ED)

Special Skills: Android Development, Java, Linux Debian (Ubuntu, Kali), HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, SQL, Urdu, Spanish

Hammad is working with Audtra’s Founder and CEO, B. van Dam, on a team of five (including another PENCIL intern) from WeWork. Audtra is a social audio/transcription and analytics platform that empowers anyone to monetize content from anywhere.

“Working at a startup provides a diversified work experience from the corporate sector. I can see the problem sets that I’m doing impacting the company, and develop new skills from the daily challenges I’m given. This field allows me to think creatively and makes me feel proud of the work I accomplish. See what we’re working on and our team culture in this video and bloopers.”

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