Intern Personals: DAT NGO

Meet Dat Ngo! He joined the PENCIL team this summer as a Data Intern. This position came about because he was a student in our PENCIL Internship Program as part of the Ladders for Leaders Program in partnership with the NYC Department of Youth & Community. Planning to study Computer Science and Business Administration when he begins at Northeastern University in the fall, he is excited to spend his summer learning how a company operates. In his spare time, he loves to play video games. Thank you for sharing, Dat!

Name: Dat Ngo
Year: College freshman
School: Northeastern University

Where was your last internship?
I was placed in my last internship, also through Ladders for Leaders, as an administrative assistant at the New Jewish Home. It was my first time working in a suit and tie environment and being around professionals every day made my job so worthwhile. My most valuable lesson was learning how the senior center dealt with paperwork, billing, and just the general bureaucracy. While this doesn’t seem too interesting on paper, it gave me an insight into how businesses are run.

What was your first day in the PENCIL office like?

My boss, Yamile, was super helpful in getting me situated for my tasks but she’s also teaching me so much about how businesses use technology to help in their mission.

What are your responsibilities in your internship this summer?

I’ll be working under Yamile to help clean up the large database of contacts and accounts that PENCIL has collected over the years by deleting duplicates, verifying contacts, and other tasks of that nature. It’s going to be tedious work, but I realize it’s necessary for any successful organization to have a strong foundation if they’re going to expand, so getting the database in tippity top shape will be my number one priority.

How have PENCIL’s training and your internships helped you think about future opportunities?

All the cool internship opportunities that PENCIL posted made me realize how many different careers there are out there.

What are your thoughts on your future career?

I realized how much I love sitting in front of the computer for 8 hours every day.