Intern Personals: CERLINA LIN

Meet Cerlina Lin! This summer, Cerlina joined the PENCIL team as a Communications Intern. The position came about because she was a student in our PENCIL Internship Program as part of the Ladders for Leaders Program in partnership with the NYC Department of Youth & Community. Passionate about studying management and leadership at SUNY Buffalo, she strives to understand the qualities that make a great leader. She also loves sketching portraits, doing arts and crafts, and is beginning to dabble in photography. Thank you for sharing, Cerlina!

Name: Cerlina Lin
Year: College senior
School: SUNY Buffalo

What was your first day in the PENCIL office like?

The first day of the internship was amazing. Everyone in the office was extremely welcoming and the atmosphere was easygoing, which definitely helped calm my nerves.

What are your responsibilities in your internship this summer?

My main responsibilities as an intern this summer are to help with upcoming events, make posts on social media, and design banners. I will also be helping out with any projects that need an extra hand around the office.

How have PENCIL’s training and your internships helped you think about future opportunities?

PENCIL’s training and internship helped me think about future opportunities by helping me build my professional network and connect with inspirational individuals. Training has helped me learn how to make good first impressions and how to start building my personal brand.

What are your thoughts on your future career?

I strive to have a future career in the management field. My internships have helped me realize this career path as I am always surrounded by people who inspire me to raise my standards and achieve greater goals. My internships have taught me that in order to be seen as a leader, interpersonal skills are just as important as the technical skills you have.