Intern Personals: Ariana Alessandri

Ariana AlessandriName: Ariana Alessandri
Age: 20
School: St. John’s University (Sophomore – Marketing major)
Last Summer Internship: Popwallet
Special Skills: Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint), social media (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat), teamwork/collaborative projects, written/verbal communication, time management


What kind of opportunity are you seeking this summer?
More practice working in a fast-paced environment, learning about the marketing field and career opportunities, working with others, developing creative skills.

What are your thoughts for a future career?
Short term, I would like to work for an advertising agency, or in the advertising/marketing department of a company that I am passionate about. Long term, I’d like to work for a nonprofit that gives back to the community.

Why are the L4L and PENCIL programs important to you?
The program is important to me because it has helped me to grow professionally and personally into a more confident and driven individual. Being a part of PENCIL has guided me on my career path throughout high school and college and inspires me to stay focused and reach my career goals.

Any advice for students thinking about applying for the first time?
It doesn’t hurt to apply! The PENCIL program is a great way to get your first internship and start exploring your career interests. If you have a specific field in mind, PENCIL can help you break into it. If you have no idea what you want to do, PENCIL can help you figure it out. The program helps you develop experience, skills, and a network of mentors who want to see you succeed. Take advantage!

What about businesses thinking about hosting a summer intern?
Host a summer intern! You have the potential to shape a young person’s life for the better. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s workforce. By hosting a summer intern, you are preparing students to succeed in the future job market. It’s a win-win: we (students) get professional work experience and learn new skills, while host companies are helping to create the next generation of valuable employees.

Any additional thoughts on your experience?
Being a part of PENCIL was one of the best things about my high school (and now college) experience. The program has taught me so many things about professionalism, financial literacy, career opportunities, networking, and developing my personal brand–all the things you just can’t learn out of a textbook. It was because of PENCIL that I decided to study business (marketing) in college and I’m so glad that I have a solid career path doing something I enjoy. I’ve also had a very positive experience with the PENCIL staff. They truly want to see students succeed and have always been approachable and helpful whenever I have questions. I’ve had a great experience during my time as a PENCIL fellow–probably why I keep coming back!

Employers: Make sure you’re signed up to host an incredible intern, like Ariana, this summer! More information for businesses and students is available here.