Intern Personals: Angela Li

Angela LiName: Angela Li
Age: 18
School: University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Last Summer Internship: Paul Hastings LLP
Special Skills: Research, Social Media Marketing, Public Speaking


What kind of opportunity are you seeking this summer?
Every opportunity is a learning experience, so I’m open to various opportunities in the legal field. I’m hoping for an opportunity to research immigration law or work for a grassroots organization.

What are your thoughts for a future career?
My current goals are to double major in Asian American studies and Political Science. Asian American studies fascinates me because it’s a study of my identity, my culture, and my community. The lack of an Asian American presence in politics fueled my desire to study Political Science, specifically race and immigration politics.

In the future, I hope to attend law school and possibly become an immigration or human rights lawyer. I’d like to think, as a college freshman, I have some more time to solidify my future, so I’m still in the midst of exploring different interests and navigating the intersectionality of both my intended majors.

Why are the L4L and PENCIL programs important to you?
L4L and PENCIL make me a more competitive applicant in school, in the workforce, and for whatever future endeavors I might take up. In addition to providing basic workforce skills like communication, time management, and organization, the programs have made me more confident, ambitious, and motivated—I can make a presentation to a large audience without feeling so nervous, challenge myself by taking on harder tasks, and am more certain of my career decision to enter the law field.

On a broader level, programs like L4L and PENCIL are extremely beneficial to New York City youth by showing them different career paths and facilitating possible lifelong connections with mentors.

Any advice for students thinking about applying for the first time?
Take charge of your future and apply now. PENCIL provides the opportunities; you need to be proactive and act on them. In addition to internships, PENCIL offers workshops on fundamental career skills like resume building, interviewing, and personal branding.

Any additional thoughts on your experience?
You really do form lasting connections. I still keep in touch with my mentors and supervisors from previous internships. They’ve been and will continue to be a backbone of support and great references for future job applications.

Ready for the snow to stop and summer internships to start? Prepare now! PENCIL is hosting the third pre-employment training event for the internship program on April 3-5! All L4L applicants have received next steps to upload their paperwork in Submittable. Once paperwork is uploaded, a training invite will be sent and all trained participants are eligible to be matched to an internship! For more information on internships, click here.