Intern Personals: Amy Chen

Amy Chen

In our latest Intern Personals, you’ll meet Amy Chen of Cornell University. Her advice for students thinking about applying to the Ladders for Leaders Internship Program? “Just do it!”

Name: Amy Chen
Age: 19
School: Cornell University
Last Summer Internship: Marketing Intern at Thomson Reuters
Special Skills: Photography, dance, and social media marketing

What kind of opportunity are you seeking this summer?
I’m open to any opportunity that will help me explore the field of marketing in a broader sense. From brand management, to sales and advertising, there is so much to learn about the topic. However, I do find social media marketing particularly fascinating because it is all around us and shapes our society as it is today.

What are your thoughts for a future career?
I would like my future career to be geared towards being a marketing manager. I love using my creativity while I’m at work. I’d also like to have the opportunity to give back and mentor some students as well.

Why are the L4L and PENCIL programs important to you?
I’ve been with L4L and PENCIL for 3 years now, and I wouldn’t trade this experience with anything else. Not only have I found some great friends who share the same drive and passion to accelerate in their career as I do, but I have also gained valuable internship experiences that are essential for my professional growth. PENCIL provided a foundation of necessary skills I needed to excel in the workforce, and I am very grateful for that.

Any advice for students thinking about applying for the first time?
Just do it! PENCIL will guide you through many skills such as resume writing, interviewing, and networking. You will have opportunities to practice your new skills and figure out what you would like to do in the future. It will be a fun and rewarding experience!

Any additional thoughts on your experience?
I’m extremely glad that I have stayed with PENCIL all these years. I can’t wait for the next few years, too!

Thank you, Amy! Apply to the Ladders for Leaders Internship Program today! Sign up now for a chance at your dream job for Summer 2018 and remember to select PENCIL as a provider. Find out more about the program, office hours and how to apply, here.