2020 Infy App Challenge

What’s your big idea that will be a force for change? Technology has the power to change the world. The Infy App Challenge asks students to become hands-on creators of new technology, as well as leaders and change-agents within their community.


Teams must register for the Infy App Challenge no later than February 15th.  In addition to team member information, teams must submit a written description of their App idea including:

  • A description of your identified issue and how it impacts your community. 250 words
  • A description of your app and how your app is designed to address a cause or impact related to your chosen issue. 500 words
  • Intended key features and functions
  • Intended platform and language
  • Click here to start your application 

Please note: This opportunity is open to High School students only.



February 15: Team Applications Due

February 26, 4:00-5:30pm: Kickoff at Infosys, teams are matched to their mentors

March (Date TBD), 4:00-5:30pm: Working Session at Infosys

April 29, 4:00-5:30pm: Demo Day and Working Session at Infosys

June 3, 3:00-5:30pm: Presentations and Awards Ceremony



Each team will have the opportunity to demonstrate their app to Infosys panel of judges.  Each team will have a 10 to 15 minutes to demonstrate their app.  Presentations must address the following:

  1. A discussion of your identified issue and how your app address a cause or impact related to your chosen issue.
  2. An overview of your App including:
    • A description of the Application’s key features and functionality
    • at least one image (screenshot) of the working Application;
    • the Application platform (iPad iOS, Mac Desktop, Windows Desktop, Web);
  3. A demonstration of your App. The Application must be able to be successfully installed and capable of running consistently as described on the platform for which it is intended.
    • for web or mobile web Applications, a link to a website where the Application can be accessed free of charge;
    • for iPad Applications, a ZIP file upload including a.ipa file provisioned with the UDID: iPad (iOS 5.0.1) e21acf963c60919f6f0aa23d42cef5f06e25ee2d; iPad (iOS 6.0.1) 6a2cb1d4ba2d242db1db48c59c91744cebfc68a9; and, if available, a link the Application on iTunes;
    • for Mac or Windows desktop Applications, a ZiP file upload including appropriate installation files; and, if available, a link to a website or app store where the Application can be downloaded

All applications must be newly created for this competition.

Judges will select a winning app based upon:

  • User Experience
  • Functionality and Features
  • Quality of the coding
  • Potential for impact