Financials & Policies

  • PENCIL is pleased to share its financial statements and donor privacy policy below, which outline its financial strength and sound stewardship practices. We have the skills, intellectual capital, and insights needed to help schools and students reach their potential. Since 1995, PENCIL has helped leaders discover how they can do just that.



    Audited Finacials

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    2017 Form 990

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    Click on the image to view our 2016 Audited Financial Statements

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    Click the image above to view PENCIL's audited financial statements from 2015

    Click the image to view our 2015 Audited Financial Statements


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    FY15 990

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    Click image to view our FY14 Audited Financials

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    PENCIL Form 990 Public Copy 9-30-14 FINAL 1

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    Click the image to view our 2013 Audited Financial Statements

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    Click the image to view our 2013 Annual Report

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    Click the image to view our 2012 Audited Financial Statements

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  • PENCIL Donor Privacy Policy: PENCIL will not trade, share, or sell its donors’ personal information with anyone else, nor send donor mailings on behalf of other organizations. Donor “personal information” includes both information about a donor collected online and offline (e.g., phone, mail, etc.). PENCIL credit card transactions are processed by using industry standard encryption and data security protocols; detailed information is available from

    PENCIL Participant Conduct Expectations: PENCIL is the leader in creating innovative and impactful models of collaboration between the business and education communities. To ensure the safety of all students, school staff and Business Volunteers engaged in PENCIL Program activities participants are asked to adhere to the policies described below.

    Appropriateness of Conduct

    • Business Volunteers must maintain the confidentiality of all confidential, personal, or proprietary information to which they are exposed as a volunteer, regardless of the subject matter of such confidential information. This includes, but is not limited to, the names, locations, or images of students they encounter through their work with PENCIL.
    • Business Volunteers may not use their participation in PENCIL Program activities to promote partisan politics, religious matters, or other affiliations.
    • PENCIL asks that Business Volunteers serve to the best of their abilities, and in a respectful, professional, and cooperative manner. While working with PENCIL, school staff and Business Volunteers must not engage in the following:
      • Discriminatory, derogatory, racist or homophobic statements or behaviors.
      • Sexual harassment, for example, jokes, innuendos, insults, sexist remarks, the display of derogatory or pornographic pictures, leering, touching, or kissing.
      • The use of any alcohol or illegal drugs.
      • Any unlawful or inappropriate activity.
    • In order to ensure the safety of students in PENCIL programs, our insurance provider requires PENCIL to conduct a search of the New York State Public Registry of Sex Offenders for all Business Volunteers.  Therefore, PENCIL asks Business Volunteers to furnish certain participant information (e.g., name, zip code) before they engage in volunteer activities. PENCIL will use that information to conduct a search of the New York State Public Registry of Sex Offenders. If you are a volunteer and have questions or concerns, please contact Gregg Betheil at for more information.

    Expectations for PENCIL Partnership and Points of Engagement Activities

    • School staff will be responsible for ensuring Business Volunteers do not engage in unsupervised contact with students.
    • PENCIL staff will be included on all authorized exchanges between Business Volunteers and students/school staff.
    • Business Volunteers must never be alone with a student or wander away from PENCIL Program activities.
    • Business Volunteers are prohibited from meeting with students outside of PENCIL Programs. Students are not allowed to meet with Business Volunteers outside of Program activities supervised by school staff.  This includes the times directly before or after an activity.

    Expectations for Businesses hosting PENCIL Internship Program Participants:

    • The buildings, surroundings, and conditions at the location where PENCIL Interns are to be assigned and work are in compliance with all applicable Federal, New York State (“State”), and New York City (“City”) laws, codes, regulations and standards, including the Americans with Disabilities Act, as well as all standards set forth by PENCIL.
    • The Business complies and will continue to comply with all regulations concerning prohibited activities of the State Department of Labor Rules and Regulations.
    • The Business will ensure a drug-free workplace.
    • The Business has available for review, Certificates of Incorporation, Health Inspection Certificates, and any other documentation pertaining to its status and compliance with applicable laws.
    • The Business will ensure all Business Volunteers supervising or working directly with PENCIL Interns will limit the use of email and social media to professional matters
    • The Business will immediately report any and all incidents involving PENCIL Interns to PENCIL staff.