Second-year PENCIL Fellows reconnect, begin 2016 training

2016 PENCIL FellowsIt is hard to imagine summertime plans when there are sub-zero temperatures outside. But that’s exactly what nearly 60 PENCIL Fellows, New York City public high school seniors, were thinking about when they showed up to the first training seminar for the 2016 PENCIL Fellows Program.

These weren’t any ordinary high school seniors looking to enhance college applications and résumés: These are second-year PENCIL Fellows.

Our second-year cohort of PENCIL Fellows features many talented students who interned at top companies, growing startups, innovative medical labs and balanced branches of government. Of these second-year PENCIL Fellows, nearly 30% of them participated or continue to participate in year-round PENCIL School Partnerships.

Continuing last summer’s internship experiences with year-round development and training in skills that bolster2016 PENCIL Fellows college and career success highlights our commitment to providing unique training opportunities to our second-year PENCIL Fellows.

The first training seminar, held at PENCIL Partner Microsoft’s Times Square headquarters, provided PENCIL Fellows the time and space to reconnect with old friends and learn about what has happened during the first semester of their last year of high school.

The second-year cohort of PENCIL Fellows have another training seminar later in February, four days ahead of our first training session and orientation for our remaining 150 first-year PENCIL Fellows.

It is clear that in order for us to provide our PENCIL Fellows with the best preparation as possible before their first day at an internship, that career skills building takes place year-round. The PENCIL Fellows business hosts and mentors will be even more impressed that both cohorts of the 2016 PENCIL Fellows will have received nearly 40 hours of career skills training all before their first day of their six-week, paid summer internship.

Our PENCIL Fellows business host and mentor recruitment has started! Are you ready to change a student’s life through providing the mentoring and training for a PENCIL Fellow? Contact us today.